Jose Alegria ~1880


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Rare romantic guitar by José Alegria – wonderful double course guitar with an impressive sound!

José Alegria was a guitar maker from the region of Catalonia. He is mentioned in Romanillo’s book, where he is described as the master guitar maker of the Catalan school. The date of construction can be determined relatively exactly around the year 1880, as José Alegria had his workshop in Calle Ancha No. 11 in Tortosa at that time.

This guitar is very lightly built, with a spruce top and walnut back and sides.
The scale length is 63 cm and the nut width 51 mm.

The sound of the guitar is a real treat. Due to the light construction it has an exceptionally good resonance. The tones are clear and the guitar develops an amazing volume. With all this it has a sweet old sound with the most wonderful timbres, which certainly cannot be achieved by a new guitar in this way.

The guitar has been restored and is now in a good and playable condition. The top still has the original shellac polish. The back and sides have been freshened up.
Tuning pegs, bridge and tailpiece have been modified to optimize playability.