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1937 Gibson L-7 – once again something really „old“ a 1937 L-7, i.e. a Gibson that is almost 85 years old – a true piece of guitar history!

One can imagine that the higher quality woods of that time have developed an extraordinary sound after this time and after regular playing!
This guitar didn’t just stand around but has already experienced a lot of Jazz and Rockabilly history, which you can see and hear. It is an excellent player (the neck is already played on the backside) and definitely interesting for collectors! Beautiful inlays and headplate ornaments!

Condition: There is no substantial damage except for a professionally glued crack in the lower side. The pickup was professionally added to enjoy the guitar even more!
No breaks at the neck. Everything original except the rosewoodbridge, the tailpiece and the professionally retrofitted pickup system.
The frets were most likely renewed.

Unfortunately the serial number on the label in the body has faded very much and is hardly recognizable.

An antique case, which we think is the original, comes with the guitar.


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