Angel Alonso 1929 – 1932


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Angel Alonso was one of the most important guitar makers in Madrid at the beginning of the 20th century. His style of guitar building corresponds exactly to what we know from Domingo Esteso.

The guitar offered here is one of the few guitars he left to this world, so it is a rare opportunity. The reason why there are few guitars and little information about this great guitar maker is that he most probably died in the Spanish Civil War.

That Alonso was a great luthier is also evident from the scan of an old advertisement found in a famous guitar magazine of the time, where he is listed together with the great guitar makers of Madrid like Domingo Esteso, Santos Hernandez, José Ramirez!

This guitar is of the best! A feather-light classical guitar with an incredible sound. We have already had some guitars from Domingo Esteso and Santos Hernandez and we can say with full conviction that this guitar can compete with the best of these guitars.
It has a very high quality rosewood back and sides and a very fine and thin spruce top.
The sound is therefore very distinctive and open. The guitar combines a large volume with a sweet warmth. In all registers it impresses with the most beautiful timbres and an incredible vintage sound.

The guitar plays perfectly. It has a straight neck, new frets and a perfect action. The scale length is 657 mm and the nut width 52 mm.
The guitar is in restored condition. Due to the finely crafted thin construction, some cracks have developed over the years, which have been repaired.

The guitar comes in a matching and stable guitar case.