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  • Amazing Vintage Guitars available

    … Why do some old guitars sound so good? How is it possible that they devellop such a great sound over the years?
    There are some reasons for that and we’d like to introduce them to you today:
    The materials – The availability of quality wood “in the old days” was better than it is now in these days of limited natural resources. It is also probable that judging wood for intruments was a skill that has diminished with time. So many great old guitars have better woods than modern guitars. And you can be sure that when you hear an amazing sounding vintage guitar, it owes its tone in large measure to a great top, whether by happenstance or someone’s skill.
    Great craftsmen – vintage guitars were made (if they are old enough) by luthiers who understood some of the principles of voicing and tuning. Martin for example ceased individually voicing their guitars in the 1940’s and 50’s. It is not a coincidence that pre-war Martins and those Vintage Martin guitars from the first years after are coveted for their tone, and Martin is still trading on the reputation from those golden years.
    For the old spanish guitars we can see the same principal.
    Use and aging – When guitars have been played and cared for and when they additionally age in a natural way, this has an enormous influence on the sound quality.
    During the aging process the wood becomes dryer, lighter and more stiff … this is the perfect recipe for an improving sound quality. In the same time as they are regularly subjected to the vibration of the strings the guitar will “break in” and create that open and sweet sound.
    Lastly, many people choose to purchase vintage guitars because they are of superior quality to the mass produced guitars of today. A lot of attention was paid to the guitars produced back in the day. This is evident in the high level of craftsmanship that these guitars show. Because they are made using high quality materials, it is no wonder that they are still playable even after many years of use and display. Whether you’re a collector or a guitar enthusiast, buying a vintage guitar is a great investment. These guitars are not only durable in their make but can also fetch quite a good return when you decide to resell them. There’s a growing demand amongst collectors and guitar enthusiasts for vintage guitars. You can make a small fortune by simply investing in guitars that are in high demand amongst collectors or guitars that have a fascinating history.
  • Vintage Martin/Gibson

    … what do you prefer a Vintage guitar from Martin or one from Gibson?
    These Guitars are as different as they can be and both have their advantages – the Vintage guitar fans are often divided. Some strictly prefer Martin guitars others are just fascinated by the roaring Gibson sound and would prefer it over all.
    Tell us in a comment about your preferences and experiences …


  • A happy new owner …

    Our cool old Gibson J-50 from 1949 found a happy new owner … check the full report about the first impressions from @julianjoist
  • Modesto Borreguero a very famous guitar builder

    Modesto Borreguero started as an apprentice in Manuel Ramirez’s shop in Calle Arlaban when he was very young. He had the priviledge to work in the best shop at that time together with Santos Hernandez and Domingo Esteso.
    He also trained and inspired other famous guitar builders (Hernandez y Aguado, Felix Manzanero, Vicente Camacho …) and was a key person in the Madrid school of guitar building.
    More information:
  • A customers review about our Louis Panormo 1832 Romantic Guitar

    Our Louis Panormo romantic guitar has been sold. We are happy the comment and the sharing of the new owner (David Jacques)
    It is truly a beautiful and unique guitar – here the original comment:
    @davidjacques_guitarist : ” Wow!! Thanks to Vintage Guitar World for the good deal on this Louis Panormo 1832. One of the greatest luthier of the 19th century. This guitar will be part of my project Histoires de Guitares.
    Vintage Guitar World Is a shop in Germany, easy to work with, and a great choice of vintage guitars. ?? “