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  • Santos Hernandez 1935 – a rare opportunity!

    A rare opportunity, to get one of Santos Hernandez’ sought after guitars – they are doubtlessly the holy grail amoung the classical guitars!
    Santos Hernandez is one of the elite makers of the historical pantheon – along with Torres and Hauser I in terms of collectibility and historical importance.
    Check for more details:
  • Juan Montero – a world famous luthier!

    Juan Montero Aguilera is one of the few famous Spanish guitar builders, whos guitars are played by many professional guitarists:
    Among the many professional guitarists and artists who appear in his registry of customers are Juan Serrano (who has used his guitars on virtually all his recordings since 1990), Paco de Lucia, Paco Cepero, Vicente Amigo, Paco de Gastor, Eloy de Diego, José Luis Postigo, Manolo Dominguez, Pepe Morales, Juan Muñez El Tomate, Rafael Riqueni, Antonio de Patrocinio, Antonio Romero Pantoja, Hermanos Flores, Carlos Piñana de Cartagena, Adolfo Rábanos de Logroño, Alberto Lucena de Cordoba, Paco del Gastor de Morón, José Antonio Rodríguez, Luis Calderito, Manuel Silveria, Pepe Corraliza, and Enrique de Melchor.
    His flamenco and classical guitars not only have the workmanship and beauty one expects in a quality handmade instrument, but they also have a richness, depth, and balance of sound.
    We offer an amazing Juan Montero from 1966 – this guitar is very similar to Paco de Lucia’s guitar. Check the details:
  • Conde Hermanos Media Luna “Flamenca Negra” – Paco de Lucia style!

    Have you ever dreamed to play a guitar similar to the one of Paco de Lucia?
    We offer a Conde Hermanos Media Luna “Flamenca Negra” – Paco de Lucia style
    This guitar is like new and sounds incredible … check it out:
  • C.F. Martin & co – the amazing story of the most famous steelstring guitar of the world!

    Did you know that the most famous American guitar was invented from the German Christian F. Martin who came to the US?
    Christian Frederick Martin, born in Markneukirchen (Saxony / Germany), is a producer of the best known American Guitar – Martin Guitars.
    Christian Martin began his aprenticeship at the beginning in his fathers shop, and then moved to Vienna, where he was working for Johann Stauffer. By complaints of the violin luthiers guild about all guitar builders to the Saxon King, C.F.Martin was forced to emigrate to America. In 1833 he opened his first guitar business in New York.
    In 1838 he moved to Nazareth, Pennsylvania, where his focus was in the production of high-quality guitars.
    Martin guitars have been delivering high quality products for over 175 years. Musicians from all over the world, whether classical, country, blues, folk or acoustic rock, played with a Martin.
    The list of well-known martin players is long. Paul Mccartney, Eric Clapton and Elvis Presley are just some of them.
    Look at the different Martin guitars in our shop. We are happy to present a good selection:


  • Conde Hermanos “negra” 1968 – a guitar from the golden time of Conde

    wow … this is an impressive guitar from Condes best time. It has the characteristics of construction that made Conde Hermanos so famous combined with the headstock and some optical aspects from the good old time of Domingo Esteso.
    This guitar, made by Julio Conde at Atoche 53 is a real gem. After playing this guitar it is easy to understand why they were, and still are, in such demand. Its the effortless power, open and transparent clarity, and bold character of sound that stands out and is so compelling, and, if you push it, there does not seem to be a bottom to the sound – it does not compress.
    Check the details:
  • Louis Panormo 1832 – romantic guitar of the best luthier at the time!

    a dream – our Louis Panormo from 1832 is very beautiful and sounds so nice!
    This particular 1832 Louis Panormo guitar was Panormo’s top regular model, with brazilian rosewood back and sides and a mother of pearl rosette. It was made in the Spanish style with seven fan braces (yes before Torres). It has the most beautiful tuners by Baker which over 185 years later still work perfectly. An exceptionally complete and playable instrument with original tuners and complete and intact original coffin case.
    It has been restored and some cracks has been glued – everything you’d expect from a guitar that age. Now it again presents itself in a nice condition.
    It has a remarkably full tone. Amazing how loud this small guitar can be. The tone has been beautifully matured and presents the most beautiful timbres you can imagine. The combination of Brazilian rosewood and spruce on this guitar is pure magic. This is the perfect guitar for someone who is searching for a beautiful and yet different sound.
    More details:


  • Adolf Meinel Terz Guitar – handmade in Germany

    The Meinel familly has a long tradition in guitar making. As early as 1862, Christian Hermann Meinel founded the Meinel Atelier to produce instruments of the highest craftsmanship.
    Adolf Friedrich Meinel continued the tradition and trained Adolf Richard Meinel (the builder of this guitar).
    Already at the age of 26, Adolf Richard Meinel graduated as a master and since then he has produced zithers and guitars, which were very popular among the musicians of the time and also today.
    He trained his daughter Ulrike Meinel. She continues the family tradition until today and is a recognized guitar maker in Germany.
    This hand-made terz Guitar by Adolf Richard Meinel is a custom-made instrument which was built on customer request. It has been crafted with skill and attention to detail and is a very nice instrument.
    It has a fine sound and you feel the masterful elaboration that is expressed by the most beautiful timbres. It gives this beautiful instrument a magical attraction for the player and listener.
    More details:


  • Otto Rauch – a classical guitar built in the Torres style

    Otto Rauch “Torres” – a fantastic guitar from one of the best German luthiers!!
    In Otto Rauch’s workshop classical concert guitars are created for highest artistic demands. The entire selection of materials, the planning and each step, are carried out exclusively by himself with great effort and great passion.
    This guitar was build by Otto Rauch in 1988 based on a Torres model. Impressive volume and rich, deep basses as well as sparkling trebles characterizes the balanced sound of this fine guitar.
    More details:
  • Paulino Bernabé 1a 2012 Flamenca Negra

    The great expertise and knowledge of the most world-famous Spanish guitar maker is applied to building a flamenco guitar, resulting, as expected, in a unique instrument in terms of sound, quality and easy playability. Its centenarian woods -from Bernabe’s private collection- combined with their exceptional building, are the secrets of achieving such magnificent sound.
    It has a huge sound, but in addition to the enormous volume, it has the rasp and grit of a true flamenco. A very lively and exciting flamenco from one of the most respected workshops in Spain.
    Check the details here:

  • José Ramirez 1a 1973

    … what a nice Ramirez guitar.

    this nice video has been transmitted by one of our customers, who obviously is enjoying his new Ramirez.

    We received another Ramirez guitar, exactly like the one you see in the video. A José Ramirez 1a 1973 – a masterpiece from the shop of José Ramirez III.