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  • Original Pre-CBS Strat – what a rare and cool guitar!

    An original Fender Stratocaster from 1962 in sunburst finish – coveted and collectible from the Pre-CBS period.
    The Fender Stratocaster from before 1965 is probably the most legendary electric guitar in the world. Leo Fender started producing these guitars for the broad public in 1954.
    The production until 1965 (Pre-CBS phase) took place under very high quality controls, small quantities and with the best materials. Therefore these guitars are very popular among players and collectors.
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  • Juan Montero 1978 – a guitar similar to Paco de Lucia`s

    a spectacular guitar … Juan Montero Aguilera 1978 – nearly the same guitar has been played by the young Paco de Lucia back then!
    Juan Montero Aguilera is one of the few famous Spanish guitar builders, whos guitars are played by many professional guitarists.
    His flamenco and classical guitars not only have the workmanship and beauty one expects in a quality handmade instrument, but they also have a richness, depth, and balance of sound.
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  • Martin Pre-War guitars

    The Martin “Pre War” guitars, are very popular among collectors. With these guitars best materials, a sound-optimized construction and careful craftsmanship came together and form so unique dream instruments.
    In our shop we offer an original Martin 0 – 21 from 1920. A great instrument and a rare piece of the coveted “Pre War” instruments.
    In 1920 for example Martin produced only 2051 instruments and 92 0-21 models.
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  • A guitar by one of the most famous luthiers in Spain. Eduardo Ferrer, was the nephew of Benito Ferrer, the founder of the famous Granada School. He was the master of most guitar makers in Granada and is therefore a key figure in the history of guitar making.
    This classical giutar has an outstanding sound, it is a true masterpiece.
  • José Ramirez 1961

    The Ramirez family started producing guitars in 1882. Not only do they have a long tradition and history, but Ramírez probably influenced the history of guitar making like no one else. Almost all of the famous guitarists play or played Ramirez guitars.
    This model is very special. It was built by Félix Manzanero in 1961 one of the best luthiers in the history of Ramírez, who is perhaps with Paulino Bernabe the most famous of the Ramírez builders.
    Soundwise, it’s a true revelation … check the details:
  • Anselmo Solar Gonzalez – A student of Santos Hernandez

    An amazing guitar from the hand of an excellent craftsman!
    Anselmo Solar Gonzalez was born in 1918 in Valle de Nalon. As luthier he was already winning prizes at expositions for his guitars in 1938. Short time after he moved to Madrid and went to work with the great Santos Hernandez. There he could further improve his skills.
    After the death of Santos Hernandez he continued to build guitars for Hernandez’s widow together with Marcelo Barbero until 1948.
    The sound of this guitar is bold and proud. It has a very clear and detailed tone – every single note rings out clear and in the most beautiful timbres you can imagine.
  • Romantic Guitar in the style of Lacote

    A wonderful replica of a romantic guitar in the style of Lacote by Antonio Pisa.
    It is a wonderful instrument that takes us musically to a different time and yet meets today’s standards in terms of playability and comfort.
    Antonio Pisa is a young and yet highly talented guitar maker from Valladolid in Spain. He mainly builds guitars in the traditional Spanish style. At the customer’s request, as in this case, he builds individual instruments, whereby dimensions, features and appearance are determined in close cooperation with the customer.
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  • The Paco de Lucia guitar

    Conde Hermanos “Paco de Lucia” special – built in the style of the famous guitar of the great master!


    This guitar is rare. It has the signature of Paco de Lucia on the label and the signature of Conde Hermanos. These guitars were built in a very limited edition. The materials and dimensions are the same as on Paco de Lucias original guitar.


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  • Manuel Caceres – one of the best guitarmakers alive

    The famous guitar builder Manuel Cáceres worked for José Ramirez before he opened his own shop and was one of the most respected guitar builders there.
    His collaboration with the famous Arcángel Fernández is also legendary and it is no exaggeration to say that Manuel Cáceres is one of the most famous guitar builders in Spain.
    He currently has his own workshop in Jardines 14 (Madrid), where, despite his old age, he continues to make true masterpieces, most of which go to Japan, just like Arcángel Fernández’s.
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  • Tomatito Special – a furious guitar!

    A Flamenco guitar built by the renowned luthiers Vicente Carrillo and Juan Miguel Gonzalez with the signature of the master Tomatito; these guitars’ quality is extraordinary and have been built under the supervision and approval of the master José Fernández “Tomatito”.
    This cooperation between the two luthiers and the professional player promises a lot … and the result is astonishing!
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