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  • Eladio and Gerundino Fernandez from Almeria

    Eladio Fernandez is the brother and pupil of the famous Gerundino Fernandez.
    At the time when Gerundino began to build guitars, Eladio toured the world as a professional flamenco guitarist.
    After that he started to build guitars together with his brother.
    The workshop of the two brothers is still located today in Almeria, the place that has produced some famous guitar makers and is also considered the birthplace of the modern guitar (Antonio Torres).
    Check this wonderful guitar of Eladio Fernandez:


  • An early Conde Hermanos … Viuda de Esteso 1944

    Built in the style and in the tradition of Domingo Esteso … this nice old guitar is simply a dream.
    The Spanish luthier Domingo Esteso Lopez was one of the great guitar-makers of the early part of the 20th century that apprenticed with Manuel Ramirez. After Manuel Ramirez died, he opened his own shop on the calle Gravina, where he was joined by his 13 year old nephew Faustino Conde in 1926, as did Mariano Conde in 1929. After his death in 1937, Faustino and his two brothers, Mariano and Julio Conde continued working under the label Vda y Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso.
    Despite being a modest guitar, this guitar tells a great history, and it’s impressive sound underlines its importance, combining a punchy attack to sweet warmth and passionate dynamics that only come from almost eighty years matured excellence.



  • Klaus Röder classical guitar

    We offer a very beautiful and hand-built concert guitar from the famous guitar maker Klaus Röder.
    He worked together with great master builders Dieter Hense, Reinhold Seiffert, Kurt Hoyer, Ernest Köröskenyi and Dieter Hopf.
    In 1975 he succesfully finished his studies and became a master guitar builder. At his place of residence he also works as a teacher and successfully trains junior staff.
    The guitar is characterized by a very sweet, warm sound. Especially in the highs, this warmth supports wonderfully the cantabile of melody tones.
    More information:
  • Gibson J-200 1968 – the real Jumbo Sound

    an original 1967 Gibson J-200. It does not happen every day that such a guitar comes up and this surely is a rare opportunity for all collectors, players and Gibson fans!
    This guitar is iconic and represents Gibson’s high-end instruments. Such a guitar was played by Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and many others.
    It has the unbeatable Jumbo sound …
  • Dominique Delarue – high end classical guitar

    Dominique Delarue is a renowned French Luthier who is surely considered as one of the best luthier of France. His guitars are inspired by the work of Daniel Friederich and could be considered as quite close.
    The sound has a great dynamic which has always been the characteristic of Delarue’s guitars. It has a great balance too.
    A rare opportunity to get a high class traditional French guitar at a low price !
    More details:


  • Martin Pre-War Koa guitar – a rare piece

    An original pre war Martin, with a rare full koa construction – from 1926 – isn’t this a rare guitar?
    The Martin “Pre War” guitars, from the time before the 2nd World War, are very popular in collectors circles. These guitars combine the best materials, a sound-optimized construction and careful craftsmanship to form unique dream instruments. The number of guitars built by Martin was very low at that time, so that very few “Pre War” Martins are for sale today.
    The koa construction offers an extra portion of clarity and was only used for a limited number of instruments back then.
    More details:


  • Gibson SJ from 1950 – true vintage sound

    What a great sound … this old Gibson plays and sounds incredibly good!
    Many times those old road worn Gibsons, which have been played by countless people, have this magical sound.
    Have you ever dreamed of such a guitar?
    Come and get it at an affordable price:
  • Flamenco Workshop mit Nikos Tsiachris

    Plaudern, Jammen, Gitarren testen, Spieltechniken lernen … und noch viel mehr.
    Wir laden herzlich zu unserem Flamenco Workshop mit Nikos Tsiachris, einem professionellen Flamenco Gitarristen aus Berlin, ein.
    Der Workshop findet am Sonntag den 28.07.2019 um 18:00 Uhr bei Vinatge Guitar World (Taunusstrasse 8a in 64720 Michelstadt) statt.
    Die Teilnahme ist frei, dennoch ist eine Anmeldung erforderlich. Bitte meldet euch unter 06061-6258883 oder
  • Gibson J-50 from 1949 – a real workhorse

    A breathtaking Gibson from the good old time!


    It sounds and plays incredibly beautiful. A tone that outshines everything else, with massive basses, very dynamic mids and singing highs.


    It’s a player’s guitar, like so many of the old Gibsons, who have wandered from player to player over and over again and have been played with enthusiasm by many people.
    More details:


  • Ignacio Manzano Rozas – An experienced luthier from the Ramirez workshop

    Ignacio Manzano Rozas is one of the best guitar builders of the 60s from the workshop of Jose Ramirez.


    The workshop of Rozas was in the Calle Mayor only a few meters from his companion at Ramirez, Manuel Contreras.


    Look how beautiful this guitar is down to the smallest detail …


    It has a great sound, reminiscent of the classical sounds of Jose Ramirez, with a very voluminous and deep tone, lots of power and a wonderful sustain.



    More Details: