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  • Viuda y Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso 1961 (Conde Hermanos)

    … a guitar from the best time! During the 60’s the 3 Conde brothers became world famous and almost every flamenco guitarist started to play Conde guitars!
    Check this beautiful guitar:


  • Chet Atkins prefered guitar …

    Juan Estruch is one of the venerable luthiers in Spain. Well known among the musicians are the guitars like this one from the “yellow label” period. They have a deep and rich sound and are appreciated by musicians and collectors alike.
    They are also known through Chet Atkins. When asked shortly before his death which of his hundreds of guitars he most preferred, he unhesitatingly chose his 1964 Juan Estruch. In fact, this was the guitar that Atkins played daily and on which he made many of his “basement recordings” that were found after his death.
  • Andreas Wahl – classical guitar in the style of Torres

    Here is one of the best concert guitars I’ve ever had in my hand. An Andreas Wahl concert guitar in the Torres style.
    Since the 70’s Andreas Wahl is engaged in the construction of musical instruments.
    After his training as a guitar builder and the following master examination he opened his own workshop.
    There he builds classical guitars, repairs and restores instruments of the old masters. Guitars by Torres and Hauser are his specialty. They serve as models for his hand-made top models.
    Andreas Wahl is one of the best guitar builders in Germany today.
    The guitar is characterized by a very sweet, warm sound. Especially in the highs this warmth supports the wonderful cantabile of melody tones.


  • Otto Rauch – a special guitar built after a model of Manuel Ramirez

    Otto Rauch is one of the best German luthiers. He builds guitars for Frank Bungarten and other professional guitar players.
    This relatively plain guitar is a really a special one. During his vacation in Ibiza, Mr. Rauch was able to carefully examine and measure an old Manuel Ramirez guitar. After this example this guitar was made.
    Rather simple in appearance but very big in sound. Only the best woods were used for the construction. The finest Dolomite spruce for the top and AAAAA Indian rosewood (one piece back) for the back and sides. A fine french polish and very nice Fusteros tuners complete the simple but noble impression of this guitar.
    Simple beauty paired with an outstanding sound!

  • A jewel from the shop of José Ramirez …

    From its foundation 1882 to the present moment, the Ramírez workshop has maintained it’s basic traditions.
    Jose Ramirez (l) but it is the concepts and ideas of Jose Ramirez lll which revolutionized the classical guitar, in particular the concert 1a model.
    Now, Amalia Ramirez personally supervises the construction process from start to finish, and all of the guitars must receive their final approval to indicate they are the highest quality. Her desire is to practice the very best guitar possible.

  • Telesforo Julve … a special guitar from a great masterbuilder

    Telesforo Julve is a very important person among the guitar makers of Spain. He is the nephew of Andres Marin and many famous masters worked in his workshop. Among them are Ricardo Sanchis Nacher and Vicente Tatay.
    In 1931 he took over the workshop of Salvador Ibanez e Hijos, from which also some of the best luthiers have emerged.
    Telesforo Julve’s guitars are famous among collectors nowadays.


  • Conde Hermanos

    Certainly no other name in flamenco guitars is quite as well known as Conde, and the reason is actually pretty simple – no other guitars are played by as many of the top flamenco players in Spain.
    Paco de Lucia has played a Conde since the beginning of his career (and many players from the generation before Paco played them as well), and while Paco has surely had a huge influence on almost every flamenco guitarist since, it’s hard to imagine that he’s the only reason so many great players play Condes.


  • Gretsch “Chet Atkins” Country Gentleman 1967

    Sixty years ago, Gretsch introduced the Chet Atkins Country Gentleman.
    It was the high end guitar at that time and Chet Atkins used it as his main studio guitar.
    The Beatles and many other famous guitarists played this guitar modell as well and it is famous until today.
    The guitar is in a wonderful vintage condition and has a great vintage look. It plays great and is perfectly adjusted. It has a beautiful feeling and a great sound.
    The perfect guitar for Jazz, Blues and Rock’n Roll – with the sparkle, warmth and clarity you’d expect.


  • José Ramirez 1950 – a piece of history

    This José Ramirez guitar is from the time when José Ramirez II was already very old and the world famous shop in the Concepción Jerónima 2 was already managed by Ramirez III.
    During this time, the world’s best luthiers (Paulino Bernabé, Manuel Contreras, Felix Manzanero …) worked there and produced guitars of the highest quality, all in the style of Torres.
    This guitar is an excellent example for this special time of guitar history.


  • Johnny Cash’s favourite guitar – the Martin D-35

    The Martin D-35 is the perfect guitar for strumming and flatpicking – it produces a huge sound and has a great dynamik. This is why Johnny Cash used the D-35 for almost all recordings and concerts – it was his favourite guitar and very suitable for the music he made.
    We offer true vintage Martin D-35 Dreadnought from 1974, with an amazing cool old sound!
    The D-35 is beside the D-28 Martins most famous guitar model … check it out: