Adolf Meinel Terz Guitar – handmade in Germany

The Meinel familly has a long tradition in guitar making. As early as 1862, Christian Hermann Meinel founded the Meinel Atelier to produce instruments of the highest craftsmanship.
Adolf Friedrich Meinel continued the tradition and trained Adolf Richard Meinel (the builder of this guitar).
Already at the age of 26, Adolf Richard Meinel graduated as a master and since then he has produced zithers and guitars, which were very popular among the musicians of the time and also today.
He trained his daughter Ulrike Meinel. She continues the family tradition until today and is a recognized guitar maker in Germany.
This hand-made terz Guitar by Adolf Richard Meinel is a custom-made instrument which was built on customer request. It has been crafted with skill and attention to detail and is a very nice instrument.
It has a fine sound and you feel the masterful elaboration that is expressed by the most beautiful timbres. It gives this beautiful instrument a magical attraction for the player and listener.
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